Monday, January 12, 2009

An Angels' Blood, A Dead Man's Hand, & A Twilight Hero's Abs


Read my interview with author Justin Gustainis and enter the contest for a copy of his new novel, Evil Ways. " There is a certain degree of sexual tension between them, and several readers have asked me if Quincey and Libby are ever going to 'kick it up a notch.' All I can say is: keep reading, and find out."

Review of Nalini Singh's upcoming release, Angels' Blood.
"A refreshing twist on vampire and angel lore combined with sizzling sexual tension make this paranormal romance a winner. " (Monsters & Critics)

Read an excerpt of Nalini Singh's Angels' Blood. "Elena’s instincts were screaming at her to grab the knife in her boot, do some damage and get the hell out, but she forced herself to stay in place." Enter a contest for an advance copy of Angels' Blood. Contest ends at midnight on January 15. (Nalini Singh)

Review of The Vampire's Revenge by Raven Hart. "Fast-paced and fun, The Vampire’s Revenge rockets along at a frantic speed combining fantasy action with light-hearted comedy to good effect." (Love Vampires)

Bitten By Books has a contest for FIFTEEN copies of Carrie Vaughn's latest, Kitty and the Deadman's Hand. "For the remainder of this week you can enter everyday to win one of these copies for your very own."

Read Carrie Vaughn's essay about college radio. "I'd lay on my bed, staring at the ceiling, listening, thinking, 'This is brutal, this is dangerous, and this is as close as a super clean cut suburban kid like me is ever going to get to that kind of world.'" (Hatchett Books)

Read an excerpt of Carrie Vaughn's just released Kitty and the Silver Bullet. "I hated the smell of this place: concrete and institutional. Antiseptic. But all the cleaning in the world coudn't cover up the unhappiness, the sourness..." (Hatchett Books)

SciFi Guy blogs spotlights Blade Blood by Marcus Pelegrimas with a summary, book cover, and link to an author interview. (SciFi Guy)


Review of the crapulicious "Kiss of the Vampire" DVD. "Laced with disturbingly bad direction, from Joe Tornatore (Game Room) that's staged worse than a high school play, amateur editing fit for a 101 editing course in college and a bad screenplay (from actress Hawkes) that wreaks of melodrama and campy silliness, the film simply doesn't connect." (IGN)

Readers beg to differ with blog that posits the hawtness of vampires. " "At what point did they all start shopping at Hot Topic?" (i09)

Vanessa Huggins wants to join the cast of the "Twilight" sequel, "New Moon."
"So is it true that "High School Musical" hottie Vanessa Hudgens might, just might, be cast be as werewolf Leah Clearwater..." (Los Angeles Times)

Taylor Launter's getting buff for the bigger, stronger Jacob Black in "New Moon."
Watch the video that shows his guns and six-pack. "'Twilight' was an amazing experience and I'm really stoked to get together with the team." (Los Angeles Times)


Here's a GVD for "Moonlight" and fans of Mick St. John and Beth.

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