Sunday, July 12, 2009

Interview & Contest with SciFi Guy, Doug Knipe

When I started blogging, I did so to connect with readers, which has been great. One of the unexpected delights is getting to know those dedicated book-lovers who've set up their own blogs. I can't remember when I first discovered Doug Knipe's SciFi Guy, but I immediately loved the site's cool retro design and great content.

Doug's site quickly became a favorite with the scifi, paranormal, and urban fantasy fans because he's always got new and interesting posts, whether he's sharing the latest cover art, or doing an in-depth review of a yet-to-be-released novel. And, of course, he makes fun videos.

I'm thrilled to find out more about the man behind the Canadian mist.

Doug's graciously offered to give away an advanced reading copy of Shadowfae by Erica Hayes here. The contest will run through next Saturday night, July 18, and a winner will be chosen at random. To enter, just leave a comment saying what you'd like to see on genre book sites, i.e. cover art, upcoming releases, snarky reviews, summaries, etc.

* * * * * *

MARTA: Hi, Doug, and great to have you here at Vampire Wire! When I started this blog a few years back, there were very few sites that reviewed vampire and paranormal lit. Now there are lots, and your site really stands out among them. Why did you decide to start a blog devoted to this genre?

DOUG: Actually it wasn’t originally my intention to devote the blog to urban fantasy and paranormals. I’d been a life-long fan, collector and reader of all things science fiction and fantasy, but in 2006 I got hooked on Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris and Kelley Armstrong. I quickly proceeded to seek out everything in the urban fantasy and paranormal genres that I could find. I started blogging in summer of 2008 to share my passion for SF&F (I consider UF and PNR subgenres of fantasy) planning to focus mostly on SF with some urban fantasy. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was enjoying and having way more fun reviewing urban fantasy and made it my principal focus. I haven’t once regretted the choice.

MARTA: I don’t want to shock you or anything, but, psst, you’re one of the few dudes around a genre dominated by women writers and women readers. Does that make you feel weird, or special? Can you make any global, unsubstantiated observations about books and men?

DOUG: Actually I’m going to answer the second part of that question first. I think a lot of men still suffer from the “real men don’t eat quiche” factor when it comes to books and fiction. If it is gender neutral (mainstream, crime fiction, thrillers etc.) or has a traditional male connotation (westerns, horror, science fiction) they read it. But many have difficulty embracing anything with a perceived “for women” label attached to it such as romance, chicklit, urban fantasy and paranormal. When they do acknowledge reading it, urban fantasy for example, they seem to gravitate to the male writers such as Jim Butcher, Simon Green, Charlie Huston, Mario Acevedo, etc. I don’t recall coming across any men saying (admitting) they’ve read a paranormal romance. On the flip side I find women are much more inclusive and willing to embrace most any genre.

So does my preference for the genre make me feel weird? No. Special? Yes, because I feel I have tapped into an undiscovered country and been made part of an exclusive club. But really the water is fine, guys come on in, dip your toes, I promise - there aren’t any sharks.

MARTA: You are a cipher inside an enigma twisted into a conundrum. We know you are Canadian, so naturally much of your time is given to moose-hunting and maple syrup festivals. Is there anything else you’d like to share aboot your private life, eh?

DOUG: Well when I am not checking my trap line or grooming the sled dogs, I like to take in a movie, or two, or three (note to Hollywood – enough with the remakes already there are zillions of terrific books waiting to be adapted). I love a good game of poker and play with the same group of cronies several times a year where we gossip and talk about imported and microbrewery beers. I’m fascinated by genealogy and have done extensive research on many branches of the family tree (Irish mostly – apparently some distant ancestors were hung for horse-thievery). I’ve travelled a lot of places, but have always called Southern Ontario home. And did I mention I’m into books?

MARTA: That’s fabulous! Besides me, would you tell us some favorite authors you think deserve a wider readership?

DOUG: That could be a very long list but I’m going to stick with urban fantasy. A few that come to mind are Kat Richardson (her Greywalker series), Laura Anne Gilman (the Retriever series), and C.E. Murphy (the Walker Papers and Negotiator series).

MARTA: You’ve been able to get some terrific interviews with bestselling authors. Have you learned anything surprising about authors and the publishing industry?

DOUG: Authors and the publishing industry are definitely two very different beasts. I think it amazes more than surprises me, at how hard-working, dedicated and devoted writers are to their readers and their craft. The tremendous effort it takes them to get their books noticed. I really respect that and their generosity with their valuable time. Publishers on the other hand seem slower to recognize the role and opportunity the internet, bloggers and online communities represent. Like any rule though there are plenty of exceptions.

MARTA: Many bloggers are also authors. Do you also write fiction?

DOUG: I’ll be honest and say I haven’t written a piece of fiction since the sixth grade. Do I have story ideas? Sure. I’ve even outlined a couple of them. But when it gets down to it, writing is really hard work. If you want to do it seriously you need to be dedicated, focused and I think you have to make a lot of sacrifices to make it happen. Much as I’d love to create something and see my name on it, I’m happy being a reader. Now if I had a do over, that would be a different matter. (I know it’s never too late).

MARTA: Have you noticed any genre trends? Do you think you and the general public will grow tired of paranormal?

DOUG: Well I think the most obvious trend for the genre is its growth. The number and breadth of titles each month, the injection of new authors; it shows no signs of slowing down. More importantly, the genre has discovered it is a platform that allows every type of story to be told within its framework – crime stories, mysteries, horror, adventure, romance and more – all packaged in a fantastical wrapper. Critics have characterized urban fantasy/paranormal as the kick-ass heroine/vampire/shape shifter genre. While largely true in the beginning, this is no longer the case. For years, similar criticisms of lack of scope were once leveled at science fiction which now sports a multiplicity of sub-genres and has for decades. We are seeing the same happening in UF/PNR only at an accelerated pace. A final genre trend is the growth of young adult titles. A smart move that is investing in the generation of future adult UF/PNR readers.

Personally I don’t see myself tiring of the genre. I love character-driven fiction and the fantastic and UF and PNR deliver that in spades. Paranormal is also largely set in contemporary situations mixed with magic and the fantastic and is not afraid to explore the tropes of other genres. For that reason, I think this form of escapism has a broad appeal to the general public and has captured their imagination. Paranormal may still be in its infancy compared to other genres, but it is here to stay.

MARTA: What did you hope your blog would be when you started it, how has that changed, and where would you like it to be in another year?

DOUG: In the beginning (that sounds ominous), I thought I would have a blend of science fiction, fantasy and paranormal articles and reviews with a main focus on science fiction based on my many-years of reading and collecting. After all I chose the SciFiGuy name for that express reason. But the paranormal bug was firmly entrenched and my reading choices continued mainly in that vein. So in the beginning there were lots of changes and still are. Becoming a blogger is an apprenticeship and an evolution both in terms of the mechanics of managing a blog and in finding your voice and responding to your chosen community. I truly love the genre and the people in it. I’ve only been at this a year and hope in another year to have applied more of these early lessons to make the blog better and grow with the UF community. I also want to find the balance necessary to avoid blogging burnout and ensure that it will continue to be a fun and rewarding experience.

MARTA: What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you since you started the blog? What’s the nicest?

DOUG: Well the weirdest isn’t particularly weird, I’ve been lucky with no X-Files experiences or anything truly wacky, but the power of the internet can be a powerful and scary thing. Early on I was lucky to get 30 visitors a day. Then a certain Vampire Wire publishing executive shared a link to my Tramp Stamp Video with the Smart Bitches and blam - several THOUSAND visitors over a couple of days. Amazing and what a boost.

Nice moments happen every day because the book reading and blogging community is so sociable and sharing. Comments back from readers that discover a book because of a review and love it always provide the warm and fuzzies. Perhaps the most thrilling was when a particular author let me know that their publisher was considering using a blurb from one of my reviews on their next hardcover dust jacket. Whether it ever happens or not is immaterial, the gesture made my day.

MARTA: If a movie was made about a techie Canadian guy who became the world’s most popular book review blogger, who would star in it, and would it be a comedy, tragedy, drama, action-thriller, etc? Describe the character’s sidekick and the hot car he’d drive and the song that would blast from the stereo.

DOUG: I love this question. It would be an urban fantasy action-thriller starring Brendan Fraser (a fellow Canadian) with a suitably sexy demon slaying/vampire hunting heroine beside him in his Mustang GT blasting out Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway.”

Thank you Marta for inviting me.

MARTA: Doug, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions!

* * * * * * *

Remember, if you'd like a chance to win Shadowfae, leave a comment.


In honor of our guest today, the GVDs are tributes to Canadians. Dave Thomas and Rick Moranis are featured in this SCTV video.

And here's Brendan Fraser.

I can't ignore Canada's top teen singer in all history, Robin Sparkles.


Daelith said...

I think it's great to have a guy who enjoys this genre. Starting to see more and more of them come out.

Thanks for interview. Always nice to get to know some of the people behind the blogs I visit.

Chris said...

And now we've seen the man behind the mystery... Thanks for a great interview, both of you!

MsMoonlight said...

What a great interview! I have only recently "discovered" the Scifiguy's blog, but I am enjoying it.
Now about that Mustang...its gotta be a 1967 Shelby or nothing. *grin*

Annette said...

I rely on this site (and other genre sites) for new release info and new authors to try.

My To-Be-Read pile has grown significantly since I found VW :)

joder said...

So great to have "the man" here with us. I look forward to my daily dose of his great site. And the best part of these sites are the honest--and sometimes snarky--reviews.

SciFiGuy said...

Thanks Daelith I hope some of my brethren learn to see the light.

Hey Chris it was fun and Marta comes up with great questions.

Thanks Ms. Moonlight I thought about the Shelby but they are so scarce. I'd settle for a Foose.

Annette Vampire Wire has been a daily stop for me ever since I discovered it. Marta always includes something that makes me laugh or smile regardless of how my day may be going.

Joder "the man" I like the sound of that. Reviews with snark are a bit of a guilty pleasure (reading them that is).

Marta said...

Ah, the guilty pleasure of snarky reviews. But there's a difference between snark with content, and snark for its own sake. I do love the cover snark at Smart Bitches.

chey said...

I like to be introduced to new and new-to-me authors, read reviews, blurbs and sometimes excerpts.

Paula said...

I'm not much of a review reader, but one thing that keeps me visiting is that I find out about upcoming books and new authors mostly through blogs like this one or SciFiGuy.

SciFiGuy said...

Marta the SBTB gals are a hoot. They can make a stevedore blush.

Chey & Paula finding new authors is a big thrill. I love the give and take on a blog. I find some and readers alert me too. Win/win.

Wendy said...

There might not be sharks, but some of us DO bite!

(What? You asked for it, buddy! *g*)

And your movie sounds pretty kickass.

Kimberly B. said...

Hi there! What a great interview! I must admit, I've been visiting Doug's site on a daily basis lately---I really like knowing what has just come out in the genre or is about to, and reading his reviews. I also really enjoy when authors stop by his blog and we get to learn a little about their background and approach to writing---it really complements the reviews, i think. I really loved when Jacqueline Carey stopped by last month, for example (and the kissing contest was great!).

Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

Great interview, nice to get to know the person behind SciFiGuy! You always seems to find the latest, hottest tidbit on the SFF genre, it's one of the many reasons I like visiting your blog.

Your passion for all things paranormal comes through on your blog in spades, I really enjoy that since I feel the same.

Thanks for the interview!

Cybercliper said...

Hi Doug...I love your site, spend enormous amounts of time going through the archives and discovered your site by way of Marta's most wonderful Vampire Wire - thank you Marta.

You have great posts, guest authors, and screams massive time consumption! How do you plan around real world stuff like, day job, family stuff, salmon fishing? The reading along must take a lot of your time. What's a typical day like?

Annette said...

Hi Doug! I'm a huge fan of your site, so this was an interesting view behind the blogger-mask. Good job, eh?

Thanks to you, I've now discovered Marta's blog!

Renee said...

Great interview, Marta and Doug!
My favorite thing on Doug's site is his weekend UF roundup. So comprehensive and such great information! Also, his interviews are always interesting reading.
I think I am one of those who came to his site as a result of Marta's posting the Tramp Stamp video --which is hilarious!

Carmen R said...

Love the interview I have been checking out the SciFiGuy site for a while now and have always enjoyed what i have found there. Ok as far as what I would like to see on genre books sites well I would like to see more upcoming releases and summaries. It always helps me find more books to buy and I always want more books.

Marta said...

Renee, I was looking at Doug's weekend roundup yesterday and I couldn't believe how much information was on it. Doug also did the Boots Are Made for Walking video on my sidebar.

Carmen, thanks for the info. I wondered if readers like summaries because, like Doug, I'm always trying to figure out what works best on my blog.

Jackie Uhrmacher said...

I'm curious to know if his suitably sexy heroine will have a tramp stamp or not...

Vickie said...

Doug is one of my 'trusted agents' when it comes to adding books or not to the Wanton Wantin' Book List. Whether on his blog or from comments on other's blogs. He has yet to steer me false.
Fab interview and you had me at Brendan Fraser.....

SciFiGuy said...

Wendy the movie could always use some extra bite. Looking to play a part?

Thanks Kimberly! The authors have been terrifically supportive. As i See it the whole point of blogging is to open up conversation and have fun at the same time. I loved the responses to the Kissing Contest. Everyone put their heart into it.

Donna like I said in the Q&A I'm not getting tired of UF at all. I love the stories being told and have a heck of a time ferreting out the goodies for the blog.

God question Cybercliper. I'll give you the Cliff's Notes version. I have a 9-5 so most of the work on the blog is combined with lunch and after hours. I'm pretty organized in terms of having Google Alerts, newsletter and blog subscriptions to gather information so I go through my email and reader probably twice a day. Stuff for the weekend gets copied to a file. I read a few hours and write for the blog a couple of hours. All in all it is definitely a part time job.

Eh Annette? What was that? LOL Glad you found Vampire Wire.

Renee glad you like the weekend report. Took me awhile to figure out that posting the general news was best done once a week rather than scattered around every day. Let me know if there are some features you'd like to see added!

Hi Carmen. Pulling together the monthly New Releases Posting is probably the biggest job each month. A lot of my fellow bloggers are really good at discovering new releases such as Tez Miller at Tez Says, KMont at Lurv a la Mode and Jackie at Literary Escapism.

Jackie I wouldn't have it any other way and for the sake of equity so would I (well Brendan anyway).

LOL Vickie I like your idea of a WWBL. As for Brendan ;)

Barb P said...

Hi Doug and Marta! Nice to meet the man behind one of my favorite blogs! I really enjoy hearing about upcoming releases and pics of new covers. I always see the new covers and go OOOOOHHHHH and I am constantly adding new books to my TBB list. Have a great day!

Derek Tatum said...

you’re one of the few dudes around a genre dominated by women writers and women readers.

I know that feeling.

SciFiGuy said...

Thanks Barb! I think Amazon is going to start charging me for the quantity of books I have saved on my wishlist.

Hey Derek how are things at Mondo?

Marta said...

Barb P, I love looking at covers, too, to see what's out there and what works. Not that authors have any control over that.

Derek, nice to see you here. Perhaps you and Doug could start a support group. But didn't you say that some of the most virulent comments against "girly" UF are from women? I think a lot of what's being called UF is actually romance with a new label slapped on.

Doug, you need to do what Kimberly Swan's done at Darque Reviews and create a wish list for authors and publicists to check.

Derek Tatum said...

But didn't you say that some of the most virulent comments against "girly" UF are from women?

Yep, some of the women I know are complete gorehounds.

Doug's site is one of my favorite book blogs to hit.

SciFiGuy said...

Marta a list like Kimberly's sounds like a good idea. I must say this is an area where I am not very organized. Kimberly runs a model site.

And to the topic of design. The first thing I noticed when I logged over here today was the extra cool graphic that you created to head up the posting. My very own movie poster but did I remember to SAY anything about it. NOOOOO! What a lunkhead (Canadians are supposed to be more polite than that), so next time Brendan is in your area I'll ask him to drop by and sign anything you want...

Michele Hauf said...

SciFi Guy rocks!

And how cool does Shadowfae look? Can't wait to read that.

Thanks, Marta, for bringing us this great interview!

donnas said...

Thanks for the great interview. And thanks for having such great sites to learn about new books.

LadyVampire2u said...

I simply loved this interview. Awesome! So great to have the inside info into the man behind the blog. And as a huge book reader, I so appreciate all the time and effort you and Marta put into your blogs.

Ninja Fanpire said...

I think I'd like to see upcoming books and contests. And interviews with popular authors. Maybe have people give suggestions of who'd they'd like to see interviewed.

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Doug and Marta! *waving from the stands*

Great interview for the one guy on the internet that has the pulse of what going on almost everywhere for the fantasy genre.

If you want information on a book or an author, check out his site, it's going to be there. I can't think of anything he could change.

Shawdowfae looks great, I'm hoping it as good as the cover!

Thanks Doug and Marta!

Dottie :)

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I really enjoy snarky commentary. I can get the usual summaries and interviews on most sites, but give me some attitude and I might actually finish reading the whole post instead of skimming!

Thanks for the great interview and the chance to win. Winning is fun :)

mdwartistry at yahoo dot com

Jackie (Literary Escapism) said...

Great Interview Doug! I'm already a fan of SciFiGuy and your answers were awesome.

Yeah, I have nothing else to say. Everyone else has already said it and you already know you're awesome. :P

SciFiGuy said...

Hi Michele *waves*

Thanks so much Donnas!

LadyVampire2u it was fun to do (my first as an interviewee). Marta is a video guru. The Gratuitous Vids are priceless.

Actually Ninja Fanpire that's a good suggestion. I've never done a poll to see what folks would like to see added. Going to give that one some thought.

Thanks so much Dottie!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr good luck on the draw.

RachaelfromNJ said...

Hi Doug! I used to visit your site periodically and always forgot to save the link to it. Then one day after I saw how much great info you post, I made sure to add you to my blog roll so I never miss a post now. I like to read about upcoming books and see upcoming covers the most with book sites. I usually scroll down to the opinion with reviews just to see if the person liked it or not. But my favorite reviews are when there is a large portion of the reviewers' opinion rather then all summary.

Great interview Marta! I really enjoyed reading it! :)

rdhowell71 said...

I came across SciFiGuy's blog from a google alert I have set up for Marjorie M. Liu. I am book hound I like to think when it comes to reading the Paranormal and Urban Fantasy genres and also being a male reading these types of books. The blog is fantastic and I will definitely be a fan for a long, long time. The cover for Shadowfae is great. Thanks for giving us readers a chance to win an ARC of the book.

Marta said...

Rachel and RD, every now and then I update my browser and lose all my favorite links (don't ask), but I keep the blogroll on Vampire Wire specifically so everyone can find updates on my fave blogs, such as SciFi guy.

Doug, what do you think about the SciFy channel changing their name to SyFy? I think it's stoopid. Sci was short for science. Sy is short for, uh, syphilis.

tetewa said...

I enjoy the Scifi guy site and love the many giveaways and new authors and reads I always get introduced to!

Jackie (Literary Escapism) said...

personally, I think SyFy sounds gay and kind of takes away from the whole mysticism that is SciFi. I'm really hoping it gets switched back.

Jenn said...

Great interview and I love both VampireWire and SciFiGuy! Two of my favorites.

I love seeing cover art and news about upcoming releases as well as author interviews on these sites.
Thanks and keep writing so I can keep reading!

Valorie said...

It is a shame that certain book genres are dominated by one gender and it is assumed the other can't do nearly as well with it.


SciFiGuy said...

Glad I am no longer lost Rachael :) I let the blurb cover the plot summary hopefully most of the time say how I feel or what I liked. Besides too many plot details are spoilers.

Thanks rdhowell71 !

Marta the whole SyFy debacle is just amazing. They are like stubborn little boys that can't admit they made a mistake. When it was first announced I spoofed their logo with mine which you can see here. Here is a lovely visual that pretty much says it all about the demise of SciFi.

Marta said...

Thanks for the links, Doug. I hadn't been aware of this stupid change. However, it reminds me of Strybing Arboretum changing its name (after hiring expensive branding consultants) to the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and then creating a logo with a made-up plant graphic. They took a beloved, historically significant name and made it a generic name with a nonsensical logo.

Tynga said...

Oh please sign me in for the contest the book sounds awesome!

tynga85 @hotmail .com

Turtle said...

great interview! Please sign me up for the contest too! Sounds very interesting!

Lori T said...

Hi Doug and Marta~

Great interview and I think that I found the Sci Fi Guy site through that link to your tramp stamp video. Now, I visit daily...although I do not comment daily.

I really have to agree with you on the smartness of the YA movement. There is some really great stuff if I could just convince my daughter to give it a try.

Caffey said...

Doug and Marta, what a fab interview! I'm still checking out everything! I love visiting both your blogs so its thrilled reading you both here together!
I think having a blog on the Fantasy genre has gotten me into reading more of this genre which I had read very little of before I found more chat about it! I've only before read a ebook here and there and now I'm wanting to read so many! You've so answered so many of my questions and I so appreciate all you're doing to bring this genre out. I really love all you're doing and especially those with the news and updates you do with those upcoming books, other blog author news, and the like. Both you and Marta have done so much and are appreciated!

I'd too love to be in for SHADOWFAE! Thanks! cathiecaffey(at)gmail(dot)com

Leontine said...

Hi Doug,
I already noticed your avatar a few times visiting with various blogs but actually only now learning a bit a the blogger behind the avatar. I loved this interview and will visit your blog after this comment. My main course is also UF/PNR/Fantasy.

As for the question: I like to see reviews and info on releases & summary on a genre book site.

Kimberly Swan said...

Hi Doug & Marta - Great interview! Always nice to learn a bit more about fellow bloggers. :) *No need to enter me in the contest*

Blodeuedd said...

Great interview.
I likde that about the genre being just a baby so true, but oh yes here to stay.

On genre sites, well I do like those upcoming books, and easy to find authors and books

blodeuedd1 at gmail dot com

Tynga said...

Posted about the contest on my blog =)

Marta said...

Hi, everyone! I'm glad that Doug thinks the genre is in its infancy since I've got another Casa Dracula book coming out next year.

Tynga, thanks and nice blog! Please tell me when you have new reviews up so I can link to them.

Kimberly, good to see you here. Hope you don't mind that I shared your idea of an online wish-list for Doug.

Leontine, lots of people like the summaries, so I've been adding some this week.

Caffey, thanks!

Lori, that Tramp Stamp video was inspired.

SciFiGuy said...

Good luck to everyone on the draw.

Leontine you have perfect taste in reading :)

*waves* at Kimberly

Thanks Tynga!

Kimberly Swan said...

Marta - I would love to see his wish list! :)

Doug - Try as I might, I can't seem to keep much of my life organized. *grin* Truth of the matter is, I kept losing all of the little papers I jotted upcoming books down on (like everytime I visit your site and see those lovely new covers and blurbs). So my 'organized wish list' came to be purely because my desk is so unorganized much of the time. :)

S.M.D. said...

You know, I saw this post a while ago and thought it was just an interview. Somehow I missed the bit at the end about winning a book...

I need to learn to read better :P. Good interview, by the way.

And with that, I'd like to be entered!

Jo Mc said...

Hi everybody,

I love seeing the cover art and reviews and summaries (snarky or not) are definitely important for me. I enjoy getting someone else's take on the book (even if I disagree with them.)

Susan Blexrud said...

Well, SciFiGuy, I was already impressed by the depth and breadth of your influence, and now I like you even more. You commented on my Fang Shui video last week, and I thought you'd like to know (via your comment about "real" men) that the title of the third book in my vampire series is Real Men Have Fangs. Thanks for all you do for urban fantasy and PNR. We gals are grateful to you!

Aliens said...

Enjoy to read about upcoming releases, seeing the book covers, Interviews with authors, The giveaways are always nice. But what I want are honest reviews not someone who will give a positive review to everyone who will give them a free book. I'm a book addict, I love reading but I don't like wasting money and time.

SciFiGuy said...

Hey Kimberley if I didn't make those monthly lists I would lose track too. I'm always referring back to them when I want to order books. Keeping organized is increasingly difficult with the expanding nature of the UF market.

Good luck S.M.D.

Jo Mc disagreement is healthy and stirs debate which is half the fun.

Thanks Susan I am always a sucker for stylish titles that play on words or phrases.

Aliens finding a reviewer whose reviews you value is important. I think most reviewers have integrity and provide honest opinions. You don't have to read too many reviews from someone who doesn't to figure they are not the reviewer for you.

Maija P. said...

I like to see things about upcoming books.

Michelle G said...

Wonderful interview. :) I love finding out about new authors and upcoming releases. I also enjoy book covers and reviews.


Anonymous said...

Awesome interview and glad to see a Canadian on board.

I love to find new authors and books to add to my TBR pile.

Terri W.

Brooke Reviews said...

I definitely enjoy a fun snarky review!

It's good to know that Laura Anne Gilman is worth the read, recently bought her first book in the Retriever series! :)

Mardel said...

I enjoyed reading your interview with SciFiGuy (I love the name of his blog). I've been following is blog for only a few months, but love it.

I like blogs with reviews (snarky ones are fun, but a guilty read), and I like seeing new upcoming books and covers along with the reviews. I also enjoy the occasional video.

Katherine E. Hazen said...

I love snarky reviews and I'm always looking for recs of new authors to try. My TBR list can never get long enough. :)

Belinda M said...

Please include me in your giveaway.

Canadian Contests, Freebies, Coupons, Deals, Games and Chat - join us at


Kainani said...

Please enter my name for the giveaway.

I always like to see and read about upcoming books.

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thanks for a great interview.
I love to see a review of the book, the "blurb" about it, and when it is out. The cover would be great but I can live without it.
If the reviewer is one I've come to trust I'll factor that into my decision to buy & read the book.
The blurb will determine if this book is for me or not.

Brandy said...

Hi all :)
I love scifiguy site..

Great posts, reviews, cover art...:P

Tynga said...

Hey Martha, I don't have a new review up just yet but I have my very first giveaway going on =)

Leah Simone said...

Great interview! Don't remember how I stumbled on to it, but I read Doug's blog every day. I catalog all my books at and count on Doug to keep me informed! Of course, now I will be checking out Vampire Wire too - Thanks Doug!


Amy C said...

I haven't been visiting your blog, Doug the ScFiGuy, for very long, but I am so glad that I did find it. I think it's very resourceful. I've discovered a few new authors from my visits.

The interview was great! Have a happy weekend :).

Christina said...

Great interview! Doug's site is one of my favorite sites for upcoming releases and reviews. I really look forward to reading his Urban Fantasy Weekend Report.

SciFiGuy said...

Maija & Michelle finding upcoming goodies is part of the fun.

Canuck power Terri!

Brooke Laura just wrapped up the main Retreivers series with book 5. It was a wonderful conclusion (Blood from Stone).

Hey Mardel snark can be fun to read but I do try to avoid it. Even with books that I am not thrilled with I try and look for the attributes that I do like.

Thanks Brandy :)

Leah thanks for being a regular!

Amy I love finding new authors and as this genre grows more talent seems to be entering all the time. Very exciting.

Thanks Christina!

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