Friday, August 21, 2009

German Book Covers, Contests, and The Jonesian Effect

Yesterday, I posted the US and Canadian covers of Kelley Armstrong's new Frostbite. Here's the German version, which is very different from those brighter, lighter covers. Doom and gloom and danger, Will Robinson!

Here's the German version of a Katie MacAlister novel. I have no idea which novel it is, but it's a fun, clear design that is apologetically vampirey.

MaryJanice Davidson fans might enjoy the German cover for one of her mermaid books. What did I think on seeing it? "The Little Mermaid," of course, but I like the bright, bold colors.

So, it seems that German covers either go all grim, or all flirty and fun. Check out the cover for Michelle Rowen's novel.

I've got an interview with Jeanne Stein on Monday with a giveaway of Retribution, her soon-to-be-released novel in her bestselling Anna Strong series! Subscribe to Vampire Wire so you won't miss your chance to learn more about Jeanne and enter the contest.

Read a review of my third novel, The Bride of Casa Dracula, at NickAnny Creations, a cute crafty blog. SPOILER WARNING, if you want to read my books (and you totally should or else I mourn for you) this review has a lot of important plot giveaways. "I could not put this book down, wondering what Ms. De Los Santos was going to do next. I hope you love it like I do."

Read a review of Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs by Molly Harper. "Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs is the debut novel of former humour columnist and newspaper reporter Molly Harper. Her first full length novel is a paranormal romance written in a lightly humorous chick-lit style - clearly drawing on her humour columnist past." (Love Vampires)

This is your last chance to enter Love Vampires contests for my books.

Read an interview with Richelle Mead about her soon-to-be-released Blood Promise. "Vampires aren't new -- you had Anne Rice back in the late '80s and early '90s, Bram Stoker. There's always been this kind of appeal...And for teens, especially girls, they love romance, and when you throw in a supernatural element you can kind of increase the stakes on that; it becomes that much more dangerous, that much more forbidden." (Kalamazoo Entertainment)

I'm really fighting the urge to enter Kimberly Swan's contest at Darque Reviews for two copies of The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker. (I can get free books so I don't want to take away someone else's chance.) Since I was speaking about covers, let me say that I would pick up this book in the bookstore in a second. I love the title and the Victorian setting, too. I love the theme. Some win this book and tell me about it. Somebody tell me what the cover reminds me of, because it definitely reminds me of another book cover I hearted.


Finally, to conclude our week of songs that make any video better, we must feature the great, the inimitable Sir Tom Jones, whose music gives that ineffable, hawtalicious, Welshian, sexeriffic Jonesian (TM) Effect to our favorite subjects. Yes, a Tom Jones song makes anything hawter by a factor of ten.

A Gerard Butler tribute set to Sir Tom Jones' "Leave Your Hat On."

A happy montage of fabulous men set to Tom Jones' classic "Sex Bomb."

And another!

Here's a cheerful Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) video set to Jones' "Help Yourself."


SciFiGuy said...

I'm loving all the cover action going on here. Eagerly anticipating your Jeanne Stein interview.

Marta said...

Thanks, Doug! I may check other websites for covers next week. The problem comes not only with language, but alphabet. My Russian covers are in Cyrillic.

Nimue said...

The Katie Macallister-Book is "Zen and the single vampire"

regards form a german Vampire fan /who reads in english ;-) )

Nimue said...

Sorry, I meant

Zen and the Art of Vampires

Too tired today :-(

Marta said...

Thanks, Nimue! I tried to translate it using a Google Translator, and all I got were results for "The Dukes of Hazzard." I know that the German market for vampire fiction is huge.

Derek Tatum said...

I love Jeanne.

Marta said...

Come back and visit next week!

SciFiGuy said...

Marta Amazon Japan has some REALLY interesting UF covers for American authors.