Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Guest Blog with Lois Gresh & Fantastic BLOOD & ICE Contest!

The internets are a marvelous thing -- I recently made the online acquaintance with Lois H. Gresh, NYTs bestselling author of 21 books, and the upcoming novel, Blood and Ice. Lois's many stories have appeared in anthologies like Fear the Fever and 100 Vicious Little Vampire Stories.

I was delighted when she accepted my invitation to guest blog at Vampire Wire about her writing and her vampire horror novel.

She is offering an amazing prize for a contest: the winner of the random drawing will have her/his name included in the October print edition of Blood and Ice! Read to the bottom of the post for contest information.

Welcome, Lois!



Hi, and my thanks to Marta Acosta and Vampire Wire for hosting me today. I’m Lois Gresh, New York Times Best-Selling Author (2008 & 2009) and Publisher's Weekly Best-Selling Paperback Author (2009). I’ve written more than 20 books, which have been published in approximately 20 languages.

Current book projects include vampire horror novel BLOOD AND ICE (Oct 2010), a vampire romance written under a pseudonym, and short story collection ELDRITCH EVOLUTIONS (2011).

I'm writing this article on a Sunday evening, and it occurs to me that a modern girl should have something better to do than moon about vampires, ghouls, and other supernatural creatures night after night, alone in a basement hole with a keyboard.

On the floor above me, people are eating dinner: the smell of beef stew is wafting through the ceiling, and I can't decide whether it's making me nauseous or hungry. I'm sucking down generic diet cola, not a particularly nutritious meal but definitely on par with what I've been "eating" lately.

A liquid diet? Coffee in the morning, generic diet cola at night...

I started thinking that perhaps I've been writing about vampires for too long!

Today, I finally forced myself to leave the keyboard and my abode. I ventured out to buy a heating pad for my back, which is aching from being chained to the keyboard for 12 hours per day. While at the local Walmart-Target-name a cheap store, I also found black pants, black t-shirts, and black hoodies: nine bucks apiece, so I stocked up.

Wearing all black? Okay, I dressed in all black for more than ten years - back in the day when I was broke and wearing the same thing every day made life easy. I mean, I didn't have to buy pink shirts to go with pink socks; or white shirts that had to be ironed; or pantyhose, skirts, or dresses. I just wore black pants with a black t-shirt and black crew socks (and black underwear) every single day. What a simple (yet somewhat dead) life!

Over the years, I gradually cultivated a taste for more colorful clothes. For five years, I wore neon ankle socks. Then I started wearing solid non-black t-shirts. Wow!

Yes, and I was also eating solid food! For many years!

So why am I now on a liquid diet in black clothes in a basement hole, writing vampire novels?

It's like riding a bike: we never forget how to do that, so why should we forget what it's like to live and breathe vampires 24 hours a day?

If I can satisfy my vampy lust by writing vampy novels, I'm happy. Whether the subject of horror or romance, vampires are sexy and intoxicating.

Of course, I also like zombies (as in my story, JULIA BRANCHILD in Hungry for Your Love: A Zombie Romance Anthology - e-format from Ravenous Romance, Oct 2009; print edition from St. Martin’s Press, Oct 2010).

And female creatures of my own concoction (as in my story, THE LAGOON OF INSANE PLANTS in Ancient Shadows, 2010).

And murder mysteries, thrillers, adventure stories, and... well, I guess that I've written a lot of stories in a lot of areas!

Anyway, please look for BLOOD AND ICE in Oct 2010! For now, Marta is offering one lucky winner the chance to have his or her name used in BLOOD AND ICE.

Be forewarned: You'll be a secondary character and I may have to kill you off (author's prerogative).

I'll be back circa Nov 2010 for a BLOOD AND ICE giveaway contest and to answer questions about the novel. I'll probably be reading HAUNTED HONEYMOON AT CASA DRACULA by my gracious hostess, Marta Acosta, so we can talk about that, too!

Lois Gresh


Thanks, Lois, and looking forward to having you here again when your book is available in October!

Visit Lois's website to learn more about her books and to read her blog.

CONTEST RULES: This is such a great prize that I have to run the contest through the evening of Monday, March 2, 2010. Lois shared with us a few of her writerly eccentricities, such as living on diet generic soda and dressing in all-black for economy and efficiency.

To enter the contest, leave a comment sharing one of your quirks with us -- what slightly peculiar thing do you do? I'm with Lois on the socks -- I only buy black socks so they all match (well, sort of) and I need to have my mini-Slinky by my side to fidget with when my brain gets blocked. Oh, yeah, I'm hooked on the most difficult version of Spider Solitaire and I will play the same game over and over until I win.


In honor of our guest, Lois Gresh, and her fondness for the zombies, here's a video tribute to my favorite zombie movie, "Shaun of the Dead."

This is really clever, but there are a few curses so don't play it loud in the office.

And now for something prettier.


Lois Gresh said...

Hi, Marta, and thank you so much! You picked out some wild photos for my guest blog. I especially like the neon socks!

Marta said...

Hi, Lois, I actually debated over the neon socks pic! I didn't know if you'd go for the solids, the stripes, or these fab argyles.

vslavetopassionv said...

My peculiar habit is: When I find a product I like (like a box of scented candles or some yummy candy that was a gift) I have a hard time using or eating the last bit. I have to make myself do it to keep from becoming clutter with tons of stuff I refuse to finish. :)


Bethie said...

I am a little quirky when it comes to my night time ritual. See, just calling it a ritual has a certain meaning. I have to do things in a certain order.

lizzi0915 at aol dot com

Marta said...

Slavetopassion, I have some things I've never used because they're too "special." It's crazy.

Bethie, yep, one must do things in the right order!

icecharm said...

I have a bracelet that I made that I can't have NOT touching my skin. I play with it like it's a rosary when I'm in heavy traffic. My husband calls them my Power Beads.

Rosie said...

I'm very particular when folding clothes and putting them away. My closets have to be organized a certain way and I get a tad crazy when my boys don't put the stuff away like I showed them. I know . . . weird. LOL!

Marta said...

icecharm, I used to wear a dozen very delicate bracelets and I fiddled with them constantly. Now I'll call them Power Beads.

Rosie, please come to my house and organize my closets!

misskallie2000 said...

I buy things that are special to me then hate to use them. I have to force myself to go ahead and use them and not save for another day. LOL. I hate to toss things out that are sentimental to me. I know, I am a pack rat. But I am learning to toss or give away. I have been avid reader for over 55 yrs and can't live without a book to read.
Loved the interview.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

Hilda said...

I own 6 pillows. In order to sleep I need to place two pillows at each side, one under my head and one over my belly.

I also buy notebooks and pens (that I don't actually use) everytime I go do the groceries or everytime I see notebooks and pens =]

Will check out Lois Gresh immediately!

hildakullberg (at) gmail (dot) com

wrww13 said...

I 2 am a clutter bug who keeps every gift I have EVER been given whether I like it or not. I still have stuffed animals from my childhood! I also have trouble using my Good stuff and read my breakfast cereal box every morning - I love 2 read. Guess I have more than one - LOL

Dot S. said...

I can't throw away greeting cards. There is no logical explanation for this. I'm sure the senders are not going to show up and demand to see the card they sent but if they do, I'm ready.

Marta said...

Dot, this cracks me up because I have a horrible time throwing away cards!

wrww13, there's a show called "Hoarders" about people who can't give up things because everything has an emotional connection. Scary!

Honolulu Girl from Trueblood Twilight said...

Oh Geez, peculiar? Which one.. I have to pee, at least 2 or 3 times, after laying in bed, and before I fall asleep.
I walk at least a block away from car, to only walk all the way, to make sure I locked it.
I smell all my glasses before I drink out of them.
I wear slippers in the house, and can't stand going barefoot.
I stack my cans of food, in the order they are; vegetables, soups, chilis.. etc..
I am a walking nightmare of sorts.. LOL! I hope to be chosen!

Marta said...

Honolulu Girl, I'm cracking up. "Walking nightmare" is what the Husband calls me!

Marta said...

Honolulu Girl, I'm cracking up. "Walking nightmare" is what the Husband calls me!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I am so borderline OCD its hard to determine what is ritual and what is just actually weird quirkiness.

When I get upset I clean, I guess it is my way of staying in control. If I can't control the world at least I can keep my area clean.

I have to brush my teeth before I fall asleep, I also have to go through my whole wash my face, mositurize ritual every night but that's more of a necssity so I don't break out (sensitive skin).

Let's see other strange quirk, ok this one is really weird and I have no control over it. Ever since I was pregnant the last time I have made weird hiccup burp noises that my family has compared to farm animal sounds. I thought they were a symptom of pregnancy but now 3 1/2 years after baby and I still make them. My family now calls me The Goat.

icecharm said...

I think everyone has a little bit of OCD, some just have more than others.

Sarah said...

What an amazing prize - I'd love to win!! :o)

When it comes to strange quirks I'm sure I have plenty LOL. Like a lot of others have mentioned I'm a hoarder, I have a really difficult time throwing anything away.

I can't go in a bookshop without buying at least 1 book (I'm sure I'm not the only one LOL).

I find it impossible to do only one thing at a time (except for reading LOL). If I'm watching TV I'll be surfing the net on my laptop or doing something else with my hands.

I can't go to sleep if there is silence. My brain just won't switch off unless there is something to distract it - nothing too noisy, just some relaxing music is fine but never silence.

That's probably enough of my quirks for today LOL :o)

Shiriah said...

This would be a fun one to win! What a great contest idea.

My little "quirk" is that when I am working on my items that I sell in my Etsy store, I have to have a movie on in the opposite room from where I work, just for background noise. What makes it quirky is that I only will only put in and listen to the movie 'Labyrinth' (the 80's flick with David Bowie as the Goblin King). Just one of those things I guess, lol!

ewdnbbd @ yahoo . com

angeleyesak said...

This is an awesome contest...I have to have my dvds in alphabetical order & my cds (in a book) by genre


Lois Gresh said...

I finally created a blog here:

It's not very pretty yet, but at least it exists... it's eccentric that it's taken me THIS LONG to create a blogspot!

Lois Gresh said...

Marta, are you saying that my generic cola, neon socks, and black clothing behaviors are ECCENTRIC?

Hahaha, I didn't realize that!

I wonder what you'd think of that shrine in my basement... the shrine devoted to... (drum roll)


{{ transmission out }}

Lois Gresh said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the contest and can't wait to see what else you come up with!

I also save the last bits of favorite items so I won't run out.

Walking nightmare, you smell your glasses before you drink out of them? Even I don't do that! Hahaha - that one's great!

Sarah - I share your sleeping habits and book-buying habits.

Adrienne - my CDs and DVDs are in no order whatsoever - mine are a mess!

I'll return later with more comments. I love this - there are some GREAT quirks out there!

Marta said...

Hi, all!

Lois, good on you for making a blog. Now if you actually linked to a place people could buy your books...well, baby steps.

I'm trying to figure out what your shine is for. My highly educated guess is: you have a shrine to Gerard Butler as Dracula. He's very worship-worthy, especially when the wind is whipping through his long black coat and fabulous curls.

Lois Gresh said...

As you say, Marta, baby steps...

Thank you for pushing me to construct a blog-like blog. And I hear you: I must now make links on the blog so people can easily find my books at places like Amazon. Oh yes.... I promise that I must get around to doing this... someday.

Well, the shrine isn't to Vlad the Impaler. (in case you were worried)

Cindy said...

I have to hit the lock on the car remote twice. It only requires on hit but I have to do it twice.

big_fish231 said...

I'm a park Ranger at a 54 room gilded age mansion, and I frequently imagine what it would be like to have played host/vampire to my unsuspecting guests.

Lois Gresh said...

Cindy, I don't even use a car remote, so you're way ahead of me.

Big Fish, that's an awesome thought! I like it!


Marta said...

big fish, you missed the contest deadline, but what a cool job! Hmm, am I seeing a plotline here? The friendly park ranger being a little too helpful with the guests?

BookFreak said...

Hi all,
one thing i always do is buy something I LOVE and never ever use it, wear it, or what ever the product is. My mother gets mad at me ALL the time.


Jessi said...

My quirk is that whenever I see a sign or hear a word I like at the moment, I have to take that word and rearrange it to make up another word. Sometimes, I come up with more than 1 word. For example, whenever I see a stop sign I come up with words like: pots, opts, tops, etc.

Amanda Leigh said...

I'm a terribly messy person, I have clean cloths folded in piles around my room, yet the cloths in my closet are color coordinated and arranged by what length they are. Also, I have to have things facing forward and centered.
My dresser is stacked with things that I need to put away. My books are arranged alphabetically by author then in series order. My dvds and cds are also in alphabetical order. It's all very strange what things I have to keep in order.

OKTeresa said...

Quirks huh?
I have a few that my husband generously calls "special". Whenever I eat m&ms I like to eat them by color, and one on each side of my mouth so that each side has equal chocolate goody. Popcorn, one piece at a time. Not compulsive really, just a weirdo preference. I can be quite odd, but I like to think of it as optionally eccentric.

Lois Gresh said...

Leilani (BookFreak), we all buy things on impulse, don't we? I'm guilty of buying too many books (what a surprise, huh?) and angel coffee cups. I used to collect coffee cups with funny things on them - to cheer me up in the mornings. I still have most of them!

Lois Gresh said...

Jessi, that's an unusual quirk! I've never heard of that one before!

Amanda, you wouldn't believe the image I have of your room, especially the clothing everywhere yet arranged neatly (even by length!) in your closet...

OKTeresa - I like the phrase, optionally eccentric. While I eat m&ms by color, too, I cannot eat popcorn one kernel at a time.