Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Regular Programming will Soon Resume

I've been dealing with design issues this a.m. for promo materials. So the blog got put off.

I will, however, post some videos for you on this week's theme: desire and yearning.

Jackie mentioned "Notorious" with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. I wish this video was set to Peggy Lee's "Fever," because the movie is really tense and passionate, and Grant is sexy and dangerous.

You know, I've always loved Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) in "Say Anything."

I wasn't that fond of this version of "Pride & Prejudice," which had far too much running wildly barefoot. But I bow to readers' wishes.

"North & South," the miniseries (about England's north and south) is all about yearning. If you like any of the adaptations of "Pride & Prejudice," you'll like this.

This is for "Blood Ties" fans. Wish the series had continued as it deserved to be.


maggiemay said...

Marta: It's nice to know that you feel the rest of the fans pain. I know we all take a certain delete to "turning" people on to the charms of Blood Ties and its cast.

maggiemay said...

Whoops, should have drank another cup of coffee-meant to say delight instead of delete.

Nicole_Hadaway said...

Henry videos are always appreciated Marta, especially ones that feature Henry shirtless! I so miss that series!

And thanks -- no one does suave like Carey Grant. And no one does suspense like Hitchock. Two great tastes...

jacabur1 said...

Hey Marta I am also a lover of Hitchcock and his movies with Cary Grant are always welcome watching in my house and thanks for the John Cusack reminder video, he is one of my fave actors of my generation.

jackie b central texas