Friday, March 9, 2012

Blogger Burnout & Isn't that Awkward?


A few of my favorite bloggers/reviewers have been burning out lately. I think I know how it goes. The blogging becomes a chore. Reading, which was one's love, becomes a chore. You let a few days go by. Then a week goes by. You feel free. More weeks go by and then months. You find that there's so much else you can do with your time. You feel like you've let people down in some way, so you don't actually close your blog -- you say you'll be back.

Maybe blogs have a natural lifespan and an expiration date. If you leave that milk in the fridge beyond the expiration, it will be okay for a few days, but then it sours and kurdles. Do we want our favorite bloggers to sour and kurdle? I think not.

Is there a better analogy? I seriously doubt it because the milk analogy was inspired. Not inspired by bad milk because I can tell by the way milk mixes into my coffee if it's okay or not. Yes, I have the gift of "eyeballing" freshness in milk. I wish I could think of a way to make money off this ability.

So I'm saying to bloggers, it's okay to leave before you sour entirely. You have no obligation to continue until you are kurdled as something in a hoarder's refrigerator. It would be nice if you blogged a note here and there. It doesn't have to be long and involved. You can just check in so your online pals know you're still around and okay.

OTHER THINGS: Every time I see these awkward poses for urban fantasy heroines, I think that designers spent too much time fussing over their non-fat chai lattes and not enough time dodging baseballs thrown at their heads by a pack of brothers.  (This was their delightful game of "flinch" wherein a girl was not supposed to flinch or she was insulted as a sissy. They never actually hit me in the head with a ball. Or maybe I'm forgetting because of the brain injuries I've suffered.)

Anyway, any girl who's actually had to defend herself against surprise attacks knows that you don't do it by wearing outfits that expose skin and stilettos, and crouching with your leg out. Geez.


I'm advising bloggers to keep it fun, so today I'm posting the first videos I find that I like.

Ooh, TisReina's latest video -- and Richard Armitage and Rupert Penry-Jones are both in "MI-5" which I have been watching obsessively.

A few cuss words in the song, so turn it down at work, but a great little vid. Have a wonderful weekend!


YzhaBella's BookShelf said...

THanks so much for the comments! SO TRUE!

Burned out & Kurdled

Marta said...

YzhaBella, please accept my condolences on your kurdled state. I just realized that I've misspelled curdled throughout my post. It is not a word that I've ever used before. Nope, not one blood-curdling is ever uttered in my books. I don't know if that's good or bad. Take days off and feel better!

Danielle said...

Yes, those book cover poses look unnatural... but Angelina Jolie did prove that, sometimes, a girl just feels like sticking her leg out for an awkward pose. Natural, like.

Very true about blogger burnout. I suspect my time will come - but for the time being this milk's still mooing ;)

Marta said...

Dani, I'll be sad when your time comes -- but I know that it will only be because you've gone on to more exciting things. Like writing a book? I hope so! Moo on!

Elie said...

Great post. I agree with the burnout. I had to take some time off, although much of it had to do with completing my masters program. It is refreshing to take a break every now and again, but easy to get overwhelmed if you don't come back with a plan. have a great weekend Marta!

Reina said...

Just about anything can lead to editing, parenting, cooking. Those "ings". :P Thanks for the fun vids...that mashup one was supa-fun! A nice mini-break for me--thanks, Marta! Hope you're having a great weekend.

Marta said...

Hi, Ellie, good for you for finding a way to take a break and then come back refreshed. I just added your blog to my YA blogroll -- which I should have done before!

Hey, Reina! I know you have another new vid that I wanted to include. I love your videos. Yes, real life has a tendency to interfere with online nonsense. Oh, if you're not watching "MI-5" you should be because you'll love it.