Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween List o' Contests!

Today's such a jumble -- the aftermath of Sandy, Halloween, the Giants' Parade in San Francisco, that I'm just going to post contests and stuff.

Dani Binks at Alpha Reader is having an international contest for Gini Koch's Alien vs. Alien. Dani had previously reviewed Alien vs. Alien and gave it 5/5 stars!
‘Alien vs. Alien’ is another resounding triumph for Gini Koch and her crazily wonderful ‘Katherine “Kitty” Katt’ space opera series. It has everything you want from summer blockbuster reading; an impending alien invasion, lovers torn apart, the fate of the world in a mother’s hands and a Washington sex scandal. Terrific!
Yes, October 31 is summer for Dani, who's in Australia.

Steph at Fangs Wands & Fairy Dust has a Q&A with Allison Pang and a giveaway of her new urban fantasy, A Trace of Moonlight.
Drinking from the waters of lethe and offering herself up as Faerie’s sacrificial Tithe …these just might be the least of Abby Sinclair’s problems. Abby’s pact with a demon—whether or not she remembers making it—is binding, so she’d better count herself lucky that (in the words of a daemon who knows better) there’s nearly always a loophole.

But her friends’ reckless attempts to free her, well intentioned though they may be, set off a disastrous chain of events. In no time at all, Abby turns her incubus lover mortal and gets herself killed, cursed, and married to an elven prince whose mother wants her dead. She might have even been able to recover from all that had she not lost the Key to the CrossRoads to her mortal enemy, who promptly uses his restored power to wreak havoc on the OtherWorld and put its very existence in jeopardy.
I've been eying this book for some time, and Steph says, " I loved this book and the series as a whole. Abby is a great heroine, with enough rough spots to make her accessible, enough problems to make her sympathetic, enough empathy to make her care and enough courage to do what needs to be done." You can learn more about Allison's series and read an excerpt of A Trace of Moonlight at her website.

Fab Michelle Hauf and the crew at VampChix & Bite Club are giving away a mess o' books today as part of their Halloween celebration:
MIDNIGHT NEVER COMES by Marie Brennan, STAR CARRIER by Ian Douglas, SACRIFICE THE WICKED by Karina Cooper, THE NIGHT ETERNAL by Guillermo Del Toro; Chuck Hogan, DEADLY TREATS (antho), DELIVERANCE: MORTAL PATH by Dakota Banks, VAMPIRE EMPIRE: THE KINGMAKERS by Clay & Susan Griffith, and a bat t-shirt from Chop Shop!
You can read more about Dakota Banks's Deliverance and her Mortal Path series, including excerpts, at her website.


The theme is Halloween!

Really, if Duran Duran doesn't say "Halloween" I don't know what does.

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