Friday, November 9, 2012

Remembering Our Pets Contest for My Casa Dracula Books!

Those of you who've read my Casa Dracula novels know that Milagro gets her very first pet, a dog named Daisy, in the first book, and that Daisy becomes an important companion for her. I wrote these books as my own dear dog, Dr. Buddy K. Valentine, was in his last years, and I dedicated The Bride of Casa Dracula to his memory. Buddy was a wily rascal, but he was absolutely devoted to my son and enjoyed being part of his pack of friends. I wanted to dedicated my book to my son, but he said, no, dedicate it to Buddy.

Buddy, in our hearts
I think about Buddy when I go to the dog park and see a bulletin board with flyers in memory of pets who have recently passed away. I always like reading these and learning how pet owners viewed their dogs' personalities.

So I'm having a contest for:

GRAND PRIZE: the entire Casa Dracula series: Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, Midnight Brunch, The Bride of Casa Dracula, and Haunted Honeymoon, with an additional Haunted Honeymoon audiobook download from Audible, and various promo swag.

SECOND PRIZE: One copy of Happy Hour at Casa Dracula and Midnight Brunch, and one free download of the Haunted Honeymoon audiobook, and promo swag.

THIRD PRIZE: One download of the Haunted Honeymoon audiobook.

OPTIONAL WEIRD PRIZE: If you win one of the prizes above and you want me to write a poem about your pet, I will. I can't guarantee the quality of my poetry, although technically I'm a published poet, which I think is very weird, but I can promise to make an effort to honor your pet. There is surprisingly little poetry in memory of pets.

CONTEST RULES:  Just leave a comment about a pet you've had or have. That's it. This contest is limited to the US, Canada, and the UK. You must leave a valid email address.

The contest runs through November 20. You can get an extra point by tweeting or mentioning it on Facebook or whatever.

I love listening the audiobooks, narrated by Patricia Fructuoso. She can make me laugh, and she can make me cry, and she has a special talent for the nuts who inhabit the Casa Dracula world. You can go to Audible and listen to free samples.


I have been caught up in a mess o' things, and have neglected to post the winner of the contest for The Vampire Combat Manual by Roger Ma. The winner is:


Laura is a reviewer at FUONLYKNEW, and you know I'm going to like a blog with that name! She says, "I love reviewing them almost as much. My interest is PNR, dystopian,, thriller/suspense, some romantic suspense, fantasy/YA and horror. I am now also reviewing historical romance. If a book interests me, I will read most any genre." Congrats, Laura, and I hope everyone will check out your site for your reviews and contests!


 You know how long it's been since I've posted a Richard Armitage video. Jane is probably going through withdrawal. Don't panic! Help is on the way.


Lori T. said...

Oh my goodness, Marta. I could go on and on for days about my pets. I'm fortunate to live on a farm, so we have many pets, all of whom I love (even the stubborn ones!) Hmm...a story...we had a little dachshund we'd rescued from a horribly abusive owner several years ago. Her name was Katie and she was fantastic. She adored my nephew and was never mean to anyone. She even loved cleaning the kittens (they did not reciprocate this love.) She passed away 3 years ago this Thanksgiving after she suddenly started having strokes (she was probably older than we'd thought.) I spent her last few days caring for her every need by hand and slept on the floor beside her. I still miss her to this day. But we made a nice little memorial for her in our flower garden.
I love how you memorialized Buddy in your novel. Like you, I love my pets enough to have them in my writings. Really, aren't animals just greater than humans? I would've been a vet if it wouldn't pain my heart so much to see one sick/in pain/dying/needing euthanized.

Marta said...

Lori, thanks for sharing your story. We have a memorial for Buddy in our garden, and we also kept his water bowl, his bed, and his collar and tags. I'm glad that you were able to spend Katie's final hours with her and say goodbye.

SandyG265 said...

We had lots of pets but the first dog we had was an elderly bling french poodle that my aunt found wandering in the woods near her house. We only had her for a few years before she had a stroke but she was very sweet and loving and put up with 3 kids.

Tore said...

My grandmother had a siamese cat when I was just a baby. Her name was Judy. She use to sleep in the crib with me when I was a baby. I think she was watching over me while I was sleeping. I loved her so much. I was really upset when we lost her when she was older. I think about her still. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me.

Marta said...

Sandy, how wonderful that your aunt rescued the dog! A french poodle in the forest -- now that sounds like a children's tale.

-Tore, I had a Siamese cat that was mixed with tabby and had a stripped tail. Do you know that people thought cats would steal the breath from babies? I'm glad your parents weren't superstitious!

Lori's book shelf and oh look something shiny said...

My English mastiff chopper, he was my first dog since moving in with my now husband. He was my baby he went every where with me. Then due to some events involving a contractor he started having some issues and turned on all men. I had to give him up and took him back to the breeder. It was one of the hardest things to do but I couldnt bring myself to put him down. I would drive 2 1/2 hours to go see him. She bred him and his issues started up again and He had to be put down. I have his son chopstick now and he is always in my heart. Although chopsticks is not chopper I have a piece of him with me! Ohh and that said contractor has not came around since or will he.

Rachel V said...

My husband, two kids and I live on a farm in the country. When we moved out here we did not have any pets. Since then we have accumulated many from people dumping unwanted pets out in the country and they have no were to go.
Our first was a cat named Garfield. He was yellow and very lazy don't know if he liked lasagna or not. He was an older indoor/outdoor cat that was very calm and loving. He loved french fries and ham. When he first showed up he was skin & bones and I had no cat food so I fed him left overs and he stayed until he passed away a couple years ago. Since then someone dumped a house cat (which now lives in our house), a ill tempered female cat that had 6 kittens 3 weeks after she was dumped and a dog that my husband rescued from a town that she was going to be put down that night as she was running around town and no one would claim her. After he brought her home she had 6 puppies about a month and a half later.

We don't pick the pets our pets pick us. LOL!

Rebecca LB said...

As I teenager, after years of begging, my parents got me a shetland sheepdog. I named him Hershey (hey, I was 12). Unfortunately, he was a bit effeminate--he never lifted his leg. He was wily, clever, conniving, loving and brought me so much joy. My favorite memory: his howling "accompaniment" to me playing the harp (especially the upper register!)

Years later, while in grad school many, many states away from my dog, I was struggling with my anxiety disorder and panic attacks. God's honest truth, the only way I could make myself get to class, the only thing that would calm my anxiety enough, was to call my mother and hear what Hershey did that day. (He was 12 at the time, and could barely walk. He mainly slept). But sharing memories of him always helped calm me down enough to get me where I needed to be.

That said, I'd request a poem, because well, why not?

Lovely contest.

Marta said...

-Lori, I'm so sorry about your dog. Sometimes the wiring goes terribly wrong. At least you have Chopsticks and your memories of the good times with Chopper.

-Rachel, thanks for confirming our dreams that sometimes pets do go to live happily on a farm! It's terrible that people just dump pets in the middle of nowhere; it's wonderful that you've given them a home!

-Rebecca, I love your story of Hershey accompanying a 12-year-old you on the harp. That must have been sort of hilarious and lots of terrific. We spent a lot of time just admiring Buddy sleeping in the sunshine in his final years.

3monstersmom said...

I had this great cat named Al Capone that thought he was a dog. We use to have to buy those pom-pom balls to throw for him because he loved playing fetch. One day my kids were playing in the front yard when this young Golden Retriever came up to sniff them, suddenly the cat lets out a yowl, and in the blink of an eye Al was attached to the dog’s rear end biting him. The retriever took off down the street with my fat orange cat holding on to his hind quarters for a solid 4 houses.

I miss that dang cat dearly.

Marta said...

3monstersmom, thanks for sharing that wonderful story! I've never heard of a cat playing fetch before. There was an orange tabby down the street that used to attack dogs regularly. I'd have to drag Buddy away from Tiger, while Tiger snarled and prepared to pounce.