Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans Day & Vampires!

First, my gratitude to all the veterans out there on Veteran's Day! I'm the daughter of a former Army paratrooper, and I'm going to call my dad right after I finish this post. He'll be hanging out with his buddies at a day filled with events. I grew up reciting military cadences and knowing that there is a "right" way to read a map, sweep the floor, and walk up a steep slope. Also, no backtalk and stand up straight.Thanks, Dad!

My pal Mario Acevedo brings knowledge from his experiences as an Army attack helicopter pilot to his hilarious, adventurous Felix Gomez vampire series. If you want to support a vet and read a new series, check out his site and his books. I met Mario when he came to Berkeley a few years back and he was warm, funny, and delightful. His vampire Felix is a fast-talking smartass, but Mario's got that  Southwestern laid-back manner that makes you just want to have a tall cool drink and share stories.

Thanks for your service and bravery, Mario!

Speaking of sharing stories, I'm asking for your pet stories for the contest for my Casa Dracula books. I love hearing about people's pets, and as a kid, I loved reading animal stories. Some of my favorite books were Marguerite Henry's stories of famous horses and their owners.  These books were in my grade school library, and I read them over and over. I shed a lot of little girl tears over the animals' travails, and many smiles over their triumphs. Michelle at the Green Hand Bookshop is also a fan of these wonderful stories.

I include pets in all my books, from Milagro's first dog, her beloved Daisy, to her garden chicken Petunia, and Nancy in Nancy's Theory of Style also gets a feral kitten, Blackbeard. When a character has a pet, the plot gets a little complicated because the pet's whereabouts must be accounted for if the character goes on vacation or is on an adventure. Who's feeding the cat and who's walking the dog?

I still like stories that feature pets in them. My favorite pet in a supernatural story has to be Salem Sagerhagen, the cat, in Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. He was snarkalicious. Do you have a favorite fictional pet? You can mention that as a contest entry by leaving a comment here.


The theme is heroes. Enjoy!

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