Monday, December 3, 2012

Losing My Blogligion -- With Kittens!

So I'm still having an existential crisis about this blog, which I've had since the prehistoric era of blogs, when they were written with pointy rocks on plastic boulders. "Urg say WTF cuz dinosaur eets Bugo!!!* I wuz all ROTCaveL!! and shuddup monsterz!!!" I want to change the name of the blog, which I was never in love with, and I want to change to theme (if I actually have one), and I want to change the schedule, which I've already sort of done.

Basically, I want to have an occasional blog for my thoughts about books and the book industry. I want a place were I can rant, send shout-outs to other authors about their books, have some contests and have some giveaways. Now you're all, "WTF? Marta, isn't that what you already do?" Well, kinda sorta. As much as I love having guests on my blog, I cannot invest time in Q&As anymore. I still want to support other writers, but writing/formatting Q&As takes hours, and I could be spending those hours writing.

As for the theme, I took this paranormal/urban fantasy niche because there was a gap at that time and I was trying to promote my romantic comedy that spoofed vampire cliches. Now there are hundreds of urban fantasy/paranormal themed blogs. I've always considered myself a writer, not a paranormal or vampire writer. If I was forced by a prehistoric caveblogger with a sharp rock to choose a category, I'd say my default setting is as a humor writer.

But my big question is: if I change the name of the blog and the theme to one that encompasses  more than just paranormal/urban fantasy books and shows, will my followers follow me? If I start ranting about the publishing industry and the future of self-publishing will anyone want to read my rants? I have no idea, because I still don't know why anyone reads this blog. I always ask and no one ever tells me.

I don't even know if blogger will let me change the name/address of this blog and keep the followers. If anyone knows if this can be done, please tell me. The Mighty Buzzard is out there, I know, and he's all kinds of smart about tech stuff.

If I had a more general blog, I might post something like this recent haiku I wrote to my dog, Betty von Snoggles:

stinky stinky girl
I adore your crooked walk
your askew mad grin

I'm not sure that's what people want to read. I'd appreciate your feedback.


I like these trailer mashups. Hope you do, too.


The Mighty Buzzard said...

Well, if you're going to change addresses, leave this one up with a last post pointing people to the new one. That way the folks who just hit a bookmark to get to your site won't be completely lost.

As for the name, you could call it and it wouldn't make any difference to me. I don't buy books for the cover and I don't read blogs for the address.

Rants? Absosmurfly. I love me a good rant, especially one directed at politician buying cartels like the publishing industry.

Will I be interested in everything you have to say? Doubt it. I'm not really even interested in everything I have to say. I'll still stop by to see what you have to say though since a post title tells you as much about a post as a book title does about a book.

I'll have a look at address changes in a bit. I have a dead blog or two on blogger that I can test with.

Marta said...

Thanks for your opinion, TMB! I know you have lots of opinions, and many of them interest me, if only for their fanaticism. Ah, how I love a clever and warped mind! I also appreciate you looking into how to transition to another address. My brain just freezes up when I try to learn this stuff. I am quite fond of ranters, which is why I still miss Rebecca of Dirty Sexy Books. She was a marvelous ranter.

Jackie Roberts said...


Reading your blog is a must for me because you write the darndest things that always seem to make me laugh and then think. I am partial to vampire stuff but would read any other rants you want to share.

By the way, after having Dark Companion in my reader since its release, I finally read it and LOVED it. As always, your writing is smart but not pretentious. Seeing Ian again was a nice surprise. Once I knew he was there, I knew everything would be fine.


The Mighty Buzzard said...

Checked it out. Yes, you can switch your blog's name and keep your followers. Your web and feed addresses will stay the same and will still work.

If you change your address though, all bookmarks and rss feeds will return an error page that is completely unhelpful in finding the new address.

Anonymous said...

as far as i am concerned you can never go wrong with a haiku...or that sense of humor of's awesome...i'll follow your blog of any kind anywhere!!! :)

Danny said...

Oh changing a name and layout is not a problem and yes Blogger let's you do this so don't worry!
Also, people love your voice, so of course they follow!

And last but not least, I'd love hearing about your publishing adventure! So, Go for it!!!!

Basically it's your voice why readers are here - at least I am! You are awesome and funny and I just red anything from you!

Michelle Par said...

Darlin', you are a stitch, on whatever topic you choose to write about. Your posts brighten my day and are a must read, on whatever and whenever you write. Frankly, as with all of us, you wouldn't be as truly yourself if you couldn't do what you wanted, how you wanted to do it. I like yourself and I say GO FOR IT! I'll certainly be here, or 'whereever' the next iteration of your web presence is.

The Style Vamp said...

Marta...I look forward to reading whatever you write! You always make me laugh, smile and raise my eye brow!! It doesn't need to be about vamps!! Regardless I will follow ;)

Lori T. said...

KITTENS! You've found my weakness!!

Like most people who follow your blog, I follow it because of the witty sarcasm, great rants, book reviews, and random videos with Spike. Plus, I love to read things about your own writings (and can't wait to hear new book news! ;-) ). I will gladly follow your blog whether it's here or at another address. I always love getting an email alert letting me know you have a new blog post. They often crack me up a lot and brighten up my day! I also have no idea how to change a blog title/theme/address without losing followers. I'm still kinda new to blogger myself, so I'm of no help there. But, if you do lose your followers when you do a changeover, just please direct us to the new address. I'll happily follow and bookmark it :-)

I wish I could come up with some sort of witty theme for a new blog, but I probably couldn't come up with something funny. I often think I'm the only person who gets my sense of humor :P

(I tried to comment earlier, but I don't think it saved, and erased what I'd wrote instead of posting. Sorry if you've read something from me twice! LOL!)

Reina M. Williams said...

I agree with the other comments. I love your humor and voice and I don't care if you rant or post poems--I'll read it. I was never in it for the vampires. ;) Now if you say you suddenly hate Rufus Sewell, there may be a problem. :)Also, yes, spend the time writing. Your fans will still be out there.

Marta said...

Hi, everyone! Thanks for all your feedback. Sometimes I feel like I'm shouting into a canyon (which is, okay, pretty much fun)and I do wonder what blog followers really want.

You've answered my question: to be amused, especially if amusement involves GVD with Rufus Sewell and Spike.

TMB, thanks for always being there to help me out! I will probably start another blog with a clean slate and a link from this one. That way I can keep all the content here. I'm also planning to do my website over again.

sharon s. said...

marta i will follow you to the ends of the earth, well you know what i mean. like the others, i love your humor and well you know what they say about laughter. i also look forward to your rants because keeping things inside gives you wrinkles (lol). sooo, whenever you decide to do this i'll be following you.

kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

Marta, I'm following you no matter what you write even if it's travel guides :) Don't worry, we'll be there! *hugs*

Nicole Hadaway said...

I'd read whatever you blogged about, because your style is clever and hilarious. You could write a Calculus treatise -- hell, you SHOULD write a Calculus treatise -- we'd all learn something and have so much fun in the process!

Venessa Liu said...
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