Friday, December 21, 2012

Milagro Visits Kara-Karina & Merry Christmas Giveaway!

Initial artwork by Christian Nacorda

The fabulous Kara-Karina is hosting a Q&A with me and Milagro, the funny, quirky star of my Casa Dracula novels, at Nocturnal Book Reviews. She's done an amazing job with her graphics and is having a world-wide giveaway of any of my novels and swag, so head on over there and enter the contest. I had a great time interviewing Mil and finding out what she's been doing since she married her gorgeous husband, and how she plans to celebrate the holidays. For the record, she will not have any fruitcake in the house, but she feels differently about eggnog:
Beverages with eggs, cream, alcohol, and spices are weird, don’t you think? But eggnog tastes delish so long as you don’t actively think about what it is. That’s true about a lot of things in life: if you don’t overthink them you can enjoy more.
I am in the middle of Christmas mania, trying to find just the right gift for family and friends. I always plan to be sensible, and then I go overboard. Finding "just the right gift" is an excuse for me to indulge in my minor (self-diagnosed) OCD. I scour every nook of the world wide web seeking the particular. I obsessively read reviews written by monomaniacs about the item I'm seeking. I use arcane search terms to find deals. I spell things incorrectly to find the gem that no one else finds because they're all using the correct spelling.

I'm completely disorganized, too. I go to the post office to ship things, but then the line is all the way out the door, so I leave. I have cards and never address and mail them. I run out of scotch tape. I buy vanilla beans for baking projects, put them in the cupboard and forget about them. I bought a bunch of wool sweaters, intending to felt them and make hats. Okay, that was entirely insane and I came to my senses after screwing up a few simple scarf projects.

I also proofed the first pass pages of my next book, which I still can't announce.  It is super funny. There is poetry in it. I'm like a published poet, which is hilarious. When I go to parties and have conversations like this:

"What do you do?"

"I am a published poet."

With a raised eyebrow, because all of my friends are fancy-ass intellectuals, and so are their friends:
"Oh, did you self-publish?"

"No, I am published by major publishers."

Skeptically. "Really?"

"Yes. My books are taught in university courses. In Switzerland and stuff. Doctoral students interview me for their theses cuz I have all these deep thoughts."

More skeptically. "What kind of poetry do you write?"

"Mostly haiku." Pause. "I especially like to write about my dog Betty von Snoggles."


And at that point the other person usually feels the need to go talk to someone else.

For your Christmas present, I will share a haiku that I found in my stack of index cards.


Betty devoured book
but thought it lacked meatiness
she prefers a steak

Also, if you're looking for a Christmas present, buy one of my Casa Dracula audiobooks at Audible, narrated by the fantastically talented Patricia Fructuoso! I love listening to these and am going to treat myself to a listen of Nancy's Theory of Style, which we're just finalizing.

Have a wonderful Christmas!


The theme is Christmas!

It's not Christmas without aliens attacking London!

I got a Roku last year for Christmas and I watched MI-5, aka Spooks obsessively.

I always enjoy TisReina's videos!



Jess Haines said...

*gigglesnort* Love that haiku.

Happy Holidays, Marta!


Reina M. Williams said...

lol at the conversation. And Betty and I do not have the same taste, but she has a way with words I adore. Happy Holidays!

Marta said...

Hi, Jess, you know if you write a few haikus a week, they stack up! Most of mine are terrible. The rest are merely awful.

Hey, Reina, I wanted to embed one of your great videos, but it was not embedable. I haven't had that exact conversation...but pretty close to that. You know, I wanted to like Georgette Heyer more, but I felt she overused "ton." And Jane Austen didn't do that.

Lori T. said...

"Fancy-ass intellectuals"...I think that's the funniest way I've ever heard anyone describe their friends! I'm glad I'm not the only person who goes weirdly out of their way to find the perfect gift for someone. I, too, suffer from self-diagnosed OCD, so this time of year can be particularly stressful. I always stress over finding gifts that no one else would think to give. And then I'll worry they won't like it. Just can't win, sometimes. Hey, Marta, hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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