Saturday, January 5, 2013


Act fast -- I'm offering a free read of The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove at Scribd for a limited time! This was the early manuscript of my YA homage to Jane Eyre and other gothic novels. You know the story: my agents couldn't sell the story so I posted it on Scribd, where it got massive reads, and then Tor Teen bought it. I worked with a terrific editor, Susan Chang, who guided me through several revisions, and Dark Companion was published this last summer. Susan understood that I wanted to use classic gothic tropes to delve further into the psychology of a broken girl who has missteps along the road to healing herself.

Since publication, Dark Companion has had some lovely reviews and has been nominated as 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adults by the American Library Association.

Now you can read my original draft as a PDF, Word, or whatever format. Just don't post it on other shared sites. The draft has typos and weird formatting, but I don't think it's hopelessly wonky. (You can quote me on that: "Not hopelessly wonky!") I wanted to introduce readers to the  world of Birch Grove Academy.

I went to an all-girls school myself. Our navy blazers had the school motto embroidered on the crest. We wore wool tartan kilts and studied the history of art. A friend took harp classes. I loved physics, played tennis, wrote earnest poetry, listened to heavy metal, and read science fiction. I was not accepted for a spring biology camping trip because I had a bad attitude. I was allowed to take independent religion because I had a bad attitude. I got an "A."

I think I was probably a weird kid. Okay, I know I was a weird kid.

Back on topic: I hope you'll take this opportunity to read my early manuscript! And I hope you'll want to go on to the finished and much improved and developed story, Dark Companion!

Buy Dark Companion now!


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