Monday, March 11, 2013

Going to Change Blog Name to Ralph

Okay, I'm not going to change my blog name to Ralph, but I'm going to change it to something else like Marta Rants or Marta's Musings, which makes it sounds as if I've got a wreath of daisies in my hair and am playing a harp while singing a song about unicorns. (The song would have the lines, "Your unique horns are what I love about unicorns/Lush manes and tails should never be shorn/Sparkly coats of ebony and alabaster/Who can be this strange horse's master?" This might need a little work.)

What was I saying? Oh, the name change. If you have any brilliant suggestions, tell me. Basically, this will be more of my occasional blog with contests for my books and whatnot and less a blog about paranormal/urban fantasy books, although they'll also be featured as suits my fancy.

Speaking of which, I just found out that Doctor Who will start off the next season with a new Companion. I had not been able to get into the last season of the show, because I don't transition easily to things. But I'll watch it in a marathon so I know the backstory. 

So what's the news, boo? Well, galleys of The She-Hulk Diaries should be out this week! Supposedly, they're being taken to some conventions this month, but I don't know what conventions. My publisher Hyperion is the most secretive publisher ever. Since I was obsessed with MI-5 aka Spooks last year, I love all the intrigue. I am hoping they will send encrypted drop-off messages to me. I'm also hoping for a few copies to give away in contests.

MI-5/Spooks, created by David Wolstencroft, made me tense, paranoid, made me cry. Ruthlessly brutal, deeply cynical, profoundly hopeful, it makes The Americans look like a bedtime story for children. I loved every second of it.

I like The Americans but got irked in a recent episode when the older daughter had to be saved by her much younger brother from a predator after she'd put them in a dangerous situation. I think Keri Russell is very good in this show -- raw-edged and determined -- although I rather miss her surprising talent for comedy in Running Wilde.

Here are a few Spooks videos.


Jane said...

I loved Spooks, but have yet to check out The Americans. Must find something to watch now that Ripper Street's first season has ended.

Marta said...

Hey, Jane! I think the Americans is quite good and Keri Russell is especially interesting as the dedicated party operative. Go rent Second Sight with Clive Owen as a detective who's losing his eyesight and seeing disturbing crime visions. It's not really related, but I thought it got lost between the cracks. Or have you ever seen Life on Mars and the sequel Ashes to Ashes? Part crime thriller, part supernatural surrealism, all good stuff with Keeley Hawes and John Simms.

Jane said...

I've seen Second Sight. Loved it. I couldn't get into Life on Mars. The upcoming Orphan Black looks interesting, but not sure what it's really about. I miss the old crime shows like Second Sight and Touching Evil with Robson Green.

Iftikhar Ahmed said...
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Jess Haines said...

I feel it is my sacred duty as a friend and fellow author to inform you that this exists:

You're welcome.


P.S. If you named your blog after something in that video, I would cry. For reals.

P.P.S. I am not responsible for any bleeding from the eyes and/or ears from watching that video. You've been warned.

javediqbal said...
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javediqbal said...
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javediqbal said...
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sunny kumar said...
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i wouldn't change a thing, but you can always add a link to a new blog on the sidebar.