Thursday, June 27, 2013

Want a Literary Agent? Get My Guide to Writing Query Letters


I know that a lot of you are writers, too, hoping to find an agent and get published, and I know how difficult that is when you don't have any inside contacts. I was in the same situation, and it seemed that all the guides on how to get an agent and publish a novel were written by people who only wrote How-to books. I made a lot of avoidable mistakes and I learned from them. So I wrote Make It Catchy: The Quintessential Guide to Writing Query Letters, and it's a free read now through June 30 on Kindle.

Hope you'll take the opportunity to read my guide. Please tell any friends who would like to be published with a traditional press. Although I've also started self-publishing projects, I really value having a great agent for my traditional book deals.

Can't believe my seventh novel, The She-Hulk Diaries, was released last week! It's been getting very nice reviews, like this one in Wired:
Holy moley, I was entirely won over by this. It’s glorious, trashy fun. I want to see Acosta take on more Marvel heroes now, as well as do multiple follow-ups to this book. Hell, I want to see Acosta get to make this into a monthly comic.
I like that the reviewer gets my sense of campy humor. It's not for everyone, and I'm glad Kara-Karina at Nocturne Book Reviews enjoyed my new book: "I adore Marta's books. Every single one. She is hilarious, extravagant and very nerdy. What's not to love? And The She-Hulk Diaries is Marta at her best."

My book got further geek approval from the illustrious Den of Geek: "the pizzazz and sass to make one heck of an amusing, often hilarious book."


The theme is kickass chicks. I usually don't choose videos with commercials, but the gecko is green, just like the very best characters.

Only one more season of Fiona, alas.

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