Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Free Casa Dracula Books Today at Kindle!

I'm giving away three funny, flirty Casa Dracula novels today on Kindle! Here are a few recent customer reviews.
"Just like a good champagne, this novel is made of the finest ingredients, it bubbles and pops, is a little bit naughty, makes you feel fondness for almost every character you come across, takes you out of your prosaic life, and leaves you wanting more." -Pamela M
"I LOVE this series! There I said it and I will say it as many times as I need to. Marta Acosta does the impossible and brings something new to the Vampire table with the Casa Dracula series and the result is a hilarious, fun and amazing series that I am sad is over." --Larissa from Larissa's Bookish Life
"Just finished this series. Love her characters. They are so vivid you can see them clearly in your mind. Milagro has the best sense of humor and personality, yet you can feel her underlying pain and insecurity from her childhood. Very much recommend this series." --Garen Herd
Free today on Amazon Kindle are:

But wait, there's more! For a brief time I'm offering Happy Hour at Casa Dracula (Book 1) for free as a PDF or to read online here.

You're saying, "Is that all, Marta?" and I'm telling you, "No! That's not all!" Because for a limited time (like today) you can also get a bonus of my guide to writing a kickass query letter that will give you a much better chance of getting a literary agent.

Perhaps you're saying, "Geez, Marta, lots of authors give away free ebooks. Don't you have anything else for us?" YES! I can send you a personal handwritten card written with one of my vintage fountain pens and posted with vintage stamps. Send me an email with your mailing address to receive one.


In other news, I'm not blogging because I'm writing and trying to complete on-going projects. My latest manuscript is with my agent know and I'm anxiously awaiting his opinion. I hope hope hope he loves it.

I'll be having another contest this week for new books and galleys!


A. J. Larrieu said...

Awesome! These are some of my favorites.

Marta said...

Hi, AJ! I made all sorts of changes when I got the rights to these books back. I think there are some nice new bits in them...although there may also be some typos. They are inescapable.